It’s not often you hear the sound of little hoof beats inside the North Adams Nursing Home but that is just what the residents heard on Sunday afternoon, November 7th,  in Mendon, Illinois.

With red and gold ribbons flying and a sparkle of glittered hooves, the little horses trotted gaily away from their trailer and into the courtyard. Then they stepped quietly into the activities room where they were greeted with happy excitement. The two miniature horses, Little Man and Major, both stand less than 32 inches tall. They were happy to visit indoors where just the sound of their tiny feet can bring a smile.

They entertained the residents and their families with circus tricks and some fun and games. There was a lot of laughter and smiles when everyone, including the little horses, participated in a relay race. Then plenty of time was spent hugging and petting and even getting a pony kiss or two. The little horses belong to Becky Prunty and Debra Houtz and are part of a fledgling non profit group called Mini Miracles.

Sharon Tallcott and her sons Cordin, age 10 and Clayton age 6, assisted with the minis and also brought their therapy dog. Sadie is a Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retriever mix with the gentle soul of an angel. The sweetness in her brown eyes and the touch of her muzzle brought back happy memories to many.

After a deep bow to the audience, the horses left with a flip of their red and gold  ribboned tails and a promise to return. The minis and Sadie left a bit of their magic sparkle behind in the eyes of the North Adams residents.