It is a busy autumn weekend at the farm with the smell of bonfires and s’mores in the air.The little mini boys and their adopted mom (my Arabian mare Jazz) run joyously out into the pasture each morning, I feel the waning of summer. They are excited for the nip in the air and jump the little creek and then run bucking and snorting up the other side.

This month they have found a way to cross under the fence (due to their 32 inch size) and go off visiting with my other mares. They love running flat out across the pasture with Tango and Marina, as they are younger than Jazz and like to still gallop around just for the sheer fun of it. They remind me of little kids let out for recess and their teacher looks on approvingly as they run off their energy. Little Man and Major seem to get along with everyone and bring joy and happiness wherever they go.

Today we will practice more on Manny and Majors training for driving and saddle work.I will play seven games from our Parelli journey and try to stand in for my sister Debbie’s training on Clicker with them. They are learning a combination of training ideas that seem to go together well and we are hoping this might become a new training system that combines natural horsemanship and clicker training.

We are working towards putting a ceiling into two areas in the barn. One will be the tack and feed room and one will be a classroom/office type area. I would like to create a place to relax and talk with each other. I’d like to put up the students artwork and stories there and have a small lending library of horse books etc.

I have lots of fun ideas for next year when I can really get things up and running. My thanks go out to Leon and Eva for trying to find used wheelchairs for our therapy practice. I am really looking forward to continuing our nursing home visits and trips to see children who can benefit from time spent with our little boys! Mini Miracles hope to be very busy in 2011.     


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